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Step 1: What can we do for you? Mutual Evaluation

If you are considering Palatium Auctions® for selling your Assets, we suggest you begin by reviewing our state-of-the-art website, and once you are comfortable with learning more and wish to meet a team member by phone or in person, simply give us a call at 618-233-1000 or send an email to Cathy Roesch to discuss your project.  

If your Project is suitable for one of our Auction programs, we will send our experienced auction marketing specialists to visit and learn about your needs and expectations. They will make a presentation on what we offer and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Having the right expectations – Client Education

Palatium Auctions® makes client education their priority, always being honest and letting clients know upfront what is achievable and what is not. Paul Roesch, CAI Auctioneer says, "We provide clients with realistic expectations for what can and cannot be done. We often spend a great deal of time advising and guiding them through the process, which best fits them and their particular circumstances. It may not always be what they want to hear, but this open and direct approach helps clients to better understand and make informed decisions. We will not take projects or clients which we feel are not appropriate or cannot benefit from our process. This saves them time, money, and disappointment in the long run."

Step 3: Becoming a client

Upon completion of the mutual evaluation and agreement to precede with the project a Palatium Auctions® Auction Sales Agreement will be presented, reviewed and signed.  Once signed a sale date, property access will be planned, terms and conditions defined and the project will move to the “Process” stage.

Step 4: The Auction Process

At this time our professionals will begin putting the campaign into action. Our marketing professionals will develop a marketing campaign specifically designed to market the assets of the project to a database of buyers.  The production team will assess the project, assets will be collated into lots, pictures will be taken, videos produced when appropriate, descriptions prepared, the venue assessed for safety and preservation.  Parking assessed and managed, municipal permits obtained, signage posted.

Advanced technologies and social media are used to provide our clients and the general public with a straight forward, uncomplicated and transparent Auction with descriptions, pictures, video, directions to the sale, absentee bidding which can be understood in its most basic form. In this process, Palatium Auctions® will always strive to protect its clients best interest and privacy, all the while providing state-of-the-art technology, proven marketing plans, and a process that gets your assets sold and closed quickly with no contingencies, reduces your cost of ownership, shortens your time on the market, achieves or exceeds market values, and gives control of the terms and conditions back to the Seller, all leading to less risk.

Step 5: Auction Day

The physical showing period for your property typically takes place on sale date, approximately one hour prior to the auction beginning. During this time, our experienced staff will be assigned to your property full-time to ensure that prospective bidders and their inspectors enjoy ample opportunities to tour and appreciate the property, while providing property information.

  • Bidders will begin registering an hour before the designated auction time.
  • Palatium Auctions® bid assistants will circulate among the bidders to answer questions before the auctioneer explains the terms of your auction.
  • Before the live auction begins, the auctioneer will provide an example of the bidding process to familiarize the audience with bid calling.
  • For Real Estate, once the live auction takes place and the winning bidder is recognized, Palatium Auctions® staff will meet with you and the successful bidder to sign a contingency-free sales contract and arrange for closing, which is typically within thirty days.

Contact Cathy Roesch for a confidential feasibility assessment at 618-233-1000

We are scheduling sales of collectibles, jewelry, art, estate, equipment and real estate auctions now. Call Cathy Roesch in St. Louis at 314-690-1978. In Illinois call 618-406-2065.

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