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Need to Sell - Private Collection, Estate, Business, Jewelry, Art, Trains, Coins

OBTAINING AN EVALUATION: 618-233-1000 or Cathy Roesch


The Evaluation

The first step in selling property at auction is to contact us today to schedule a quick meeting with a licensed auctioneer to learn about the auction process.  No hassle, no stress, no problem. We Handle Everything!  You will also be provided with information on the appropriate auction, a timetable and an explanation of our terms of sale.


Conversations are confidential. Palatium Auction® specialists are pleased to meet with you in person to evaluate your property in your home or other location. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 618-233-1000 and email info and pictures to Cathy Roesch;

Submitting Photographs

We welcome photographs of property to evaluate for possible auction. Please call 618-233-1000 to make an appointment. Please email us with your images to Cathy Roesch, 

Business, Estates, Commercial

Please contact us at 618-233-1000 to discuss your project and schedule an appointment to review the project. We are happy to discuss your needs and develop a custom plan specific to your situation.


We are scheduling sales of collectibles, jewelry, art, estate, equipment and real estate auctions now. Call Cathy Roesch in St. Louis at 314-690-1978. In Illinois call 618-406-2065.

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